Office of Medical Education

Confirmation of Housing (required)

Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. The completed form must be received 3 weeks prior to the start date. Housing volunteers are available for some communities.

Learning Contract (required)

The student and preceptor will negotiate mutual expectations by completing the Learning Contract at the beginning of the rotation.

Honors Project (optional)

Note: Project MUST be completed to be considered for "Honors" grade.

Goal: To enable students to understand and participate in community activities at a professional level.

Choose A or B or develop your own community project.

  1. Contact a local group and arrange to present a health related educational program of mutual interest. Ask your preceptor for suggestions regarding possible groups. Audiences may include service clubs, churches, hospital staff or schools. If a school, please contact Student Affairs at (775) 784-6063.
  2. Write a health-related article for publication in a local newspaper.

*Course related documents can be found in WebCampus under 'Assignments' or 'Community Info'.

Clerkship Evaluation (required)

Students are expected to complete the following evaluations:

  • Clinical Teaching Evaluation
  • Clinical Clerkship or Elective Evaluation

Students will evaluate the rural rotation and their preceptor through the one45 online system. Automated email reminders will be sent following completion of the rotation.

Students will not receive a final grade for the Rural Rotation until all required course materials have been completed and returned.

Return all completed forms to Christine McHardy.