Office of Medical Education

It is the expectation that students will participate in the full schedule of the preceptor (office, hospital and call) for the entire four weeks of this rotation. Interviews for residency positions should be accomplished during vacation and elective time. In the event arrangements cannot be made during those times, students may miss up to three days during this four week rotation-with prior approval from their attending. If students are going to exceed the three day limit, they must contact Dr. Callister  in advance to secure approval and negotiate a plan, in concert with their preceptor, to make up time missed. This is a student responsibility and is to be done prior to the absence.

Since this is a required course, full attendance is mandatory. Students are NOT excused from the rural rotation to attend other electives, i.e. Med 610 Teaching in Medicine, meetings or to take care of personal business.

Absence (See Student Handbook)

The following constitute excused absences:

  • Serious illness of self or immediate family member
  • Death of close family member or family issues
  • Emergencies and accidents

Students who are ill are encouraged to take appropriate time off and seek medical care. After three days, a medical note is required.

Attendance at conferences requires advance notice and planning; it is usually granted only if a student is presenting scholarly work at that meeting.

View the policy for religious holidays.