Year 3 Structure

Office of Medical Education

Year 3 structure

Year 3 marks the transition to the clinical component of the medical education program. Beginning in the third year, clerkships immerse students in the experiences associated with a particular field of medicine. Students work full-time at a designated site during each six- to twelve-week rotation period and are assigned on-call duty on scheduled nights and weekends.

Clerkship experiences occur across the state in Reno, Las Vegas and Elko. All clerkships are offered in both Las Vegas and Reno.

During the Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics blocks, students participate in Clinical Reasoning in Medicine, a longitudinal course designed to refine students' reasoning and diagnostic skills as well as acquaint them with common conditions from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The Context of Patient Care - MED 641 - 4 weeks

Students are immersed in the context of patient care including life stages, community and preventive medicine, procedures for reporting violence, health policy, and patient safety.

  • Block Directors

Amy McFarland, MPH
Melanie Minarik, Ph.D.
Stephanie D. Wright M.D.

Required Clerkships: (48 Weeks Total)