Internal Medicine IMED 651M: Reno

Reno - 8 weeks

Clerkship Director: Monica Payne, M.D.

Clerkship Department Assistant: Mary McManus

Number of Weeks: Inpatient Setting 6 / Outpatient Setting 2

Description: Students are expected to be active participants in patient care. They will rotate at various local hospital partners to complete the inpatient portion, and at various internists' offices for the outpatient portion.

Call Requirements: Approximately 1-2 calls per week while on the inpatient service. Call ends by 9 p.m.

Assessment Methods: Your performance during the Internal Medicine clerkship will be evaluated by attendings and senior residents you work with, and by a written, standardized shelf examination.

Grading System: Final grades will be honors, high pass or pass.

Special advice from the Clerkship Director: All requests for absences must be approved by the CD and are reserved for extreme circumstances not convenience.

Required Text: No required text. There are recommendations that will be discussed in a letter to you before the start of the rotation.