Clinical Reasoning in Medicine (C.R.I.M.) - MED 651O

Las Vegas or Reno - Fall or Spring Semester

Las Vegas - Course Director: Laura Shaw M.D.
Reno - Course Director: Kirk Bronander, M.D., FACP

Description: Course sessions take place once monthly during primary care clerkships. Students receive a schedule and syllabus 1 - 2 weeks before the course starts.

CRIM involves standardized patient experiences to strengthen clinical skills and case-based reasoning sessions in small groups.

Assessment Methods: This course will be assessed using 4 different components

  1. A checklist completed by the standardized patient during the OSCE
  2. A communication rating scale (CRS) completed by the standardized patient during OSCE.
  3. An evaluation of your progress note by faculty during the OSCE
  4. An evaluation of your communication, professionalism and participation in each session by your faculty.

Grading System: Final grades will be honors, high pass or pass.

Email to request a copy of the current syllabus.