Neurology NEUR 651M

Reno - 4 weeks

Clerkship DirectorBurton Tabacc

Clerkship Department Assistant: Kelsi Whitehead

Number of Weeks:

  • Inpatient Setting - 2
  • Outpatient Setting - 2

Description: Students will rotate between the hospital and clinic in the Neurology Department at Renown. For inpatient, there may also be a rotation at the VA Hospital in Reno depending on availability.

Call Requirements: None

Assessment Methods: Your performance in the Neurology clerkship will be determined using your attending evaluations, patient logs, case presentation, observed history and physical, subject exam, and a professionalism score.

Grading System: Final grades will be honors, high pass or pass.

Special advice from the Clerkship Director: This is a short amount of time to learn Clinical Neurology. It is important to keep on top of your studying, read the textbook, and use your time wisely.

Required Text: There are three required textbooks that will be given to you and discussed during orientation.