OB/GYN Clerkship: Core Patient Experiences and Clinical Skills

UNR Med Year 3 Structure

OBGYN Clerkship Core Patient Experiences

OBGYN Clerkship Core Patient Experiences
Patient Type/Clinical ConditionClinical Setting(s)Level of Student Responsibility
Amenorrhea, irregular menses Outpatient Lecture
Breast mass Outpatient Lecture
Cervical cancer Outpatient Lecture
Depression Outpatient Lecture
Diabetes in pregnancy Outpatient Lecture
Diarrhea Outpatient Observed
Dizziness/vertigo Outpatient Observed
Dysuria, incontinence Outpatient Lecture
Ectopic pregnancy Didactic Lecture
Edema Outpatient Observed
Fever Outpatient Observed
Fluid/Electrolytes disorders Inpatient Observed
Headache Outpatient Observed
Hyper/Hypoglycemia Outpatient Observed
Hypertension Inpatient Lecture
Hypotension Outpatient Observed
Infertility Outpatient Lecture
Nausea/vomiting Inpatient Lecture
Pregnancy Outpatient Observed
Sexual dysfunction Outpatient Observed
Shock Inpatient Observed
Syncope Inpatient Observed
Thyroid disease Outpatient Observed
Unexplained weight loss Outpatient Observed
Vaginal bleeding Inpatient Lecture
Vaginal discharge Outpatient Lecture
HIV Outpatient Lecture
Breast feeding Outpatient Observed
Contraception Outpatient Lecture
Mood disorder Outpatient Observed
Substance use disorders Outpatient Observed

OB/GYN Clerkship Clinical Skills

OB/GYN Clerkship Clinical Skills
Procedures/SkillsClinical Setting(s)Level of Student Responsibility
Abdominal incision closure Inpatient Observed
Antepartum bleeding-treatment Outpatient Lecture
Biopsy Outpatient Observed
Breech delivery Simulation Participated (includes Sim activities)
Cervical culture Outpatient Observed
Cesarean section Inpatient Participated (includes Sim activates)
Colposcopy Outpatient Observed
Conization/LEEP Inpatient Observed
Cryotherapy Outpatient Lecture
Cystoscopy Outpatient Observed
D & C Inpatient Lecture
Delivery multiple births Didactic session Lecture
Detect fetal heart rate Outpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
Episiotomy and repair Inpatient Observed
Hysterectomy-abdominal Inpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
Hysterectomy-vaginal TVH or LAVH Inpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
Hysteroscopy Outpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
Intraabdominal cancer surgery Inpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
IUD placement Outpatient Observed
Laceration repair-1st or 2nd degree Inpatient Observed
Laparoscopy-diagnostic or operative Inpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
Obstetrical ultrasound Outpatient Observed
Pap smear Outpatient Lecture
Placental removal Inpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
Postoperative Incision Check Outpatient Observed
Station & dilatation assessment Simulation Participated (includes Sim activities)
Sterile technique, gown, glove, scrub, instruments Simulation Participated (includes Sim activities)
Urogynecology Outpatient Observed
Vaginal delivery-spontaneous, uncomplicated Inpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
Breast exam Simulation Participated (includes Sim activities)
Pelvic exam Simulation Participated (includes Sim activities)
Postpartum exam Outpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
Well woman check Simulation Participated (includes Sim activities)
Abortion counseling Outpatient Lecture
Diabetes in pregnancy Outpatient Observed
Prenatal care Outpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)
UTI in pregnancy-treatment Outpatient Lecture
Antenatal testing (e.g. CST/NST) Outpatient Observed
Fetal monitoring Outpatient Observed
FSH, LH interpretation Outpatient Lecture
Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening Outpatient Lecture
Wet mount/vaginal secretions Outpatient Participated (includes Sim activities)