Psychiatry 651M: LV

Las Vegas - 6 weeks

Clerkship Director: Alison Netski, M.D.

Clerkship Department Assistant: Martha Norheim

Number of Weeks:

  • Inpatient Setting 5-6
  • Outpatient Setting 0-1


  • UMC: Inpatient and ER psychiatry consultation service for crisis and medically ill patients.
  • VA: Inpatient service for veterans, outpatient clinic experience SNAMHS/Rawson Neal Psychiatric Hospital - Inpatient state psychiatric hospital

Call Requirements: none

Assessment Methods: Your performance in the Psychiatry clerkship will be determined using your attending and faculty evaluations, written assignments, observed patient interview and the subject exam.

Grading System: Final grades will be honors, high pass or pass.

Special advice from the Clerkship Director: Psychiatry is a dynamic clerkship where medical students will have a variety of experiences. Be proactive in evaluating patients. Students should be open-minded, attend case conferences and mental health court. Example: Time Off Requests (for any reason) must be submitted at least 2 weeks before starting your Clerkship.

Required Text: Psychiatry Clerkship Guide, 2nd Ed. by Merle Manley. Provided by Department.

Email to request a copy of the current syllabus.