Pediatrics Clerkship: Student Learning Outcomes

UNR Med Year 3 Structure

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Develop well-rounded and in-depth clinical knowledge specific to pediatrics, using the core patient presentations list as a guide.
  2. Formulate an age appropriate differential diagnosis.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of behavior and child development, and its impact on health and illness.
  4. Demonstrate the skills necessary to perform a complete and accurate pediatric history including prenatal, birth, developmental, dietary, immunization, and psychosocial histories.
  5. Demonstrate the skills necessary to perform a complete and accurate pediatric physical exam including but not limited to an age appropriate neurologic exam, and graph and interpret growth chart data.
  6. Prescribe medications which are appropriate for weight and/or age.
  7. Assess own learning needs by selecting MED-U CLIPP cases to cover disease process that are not experienced clinically due to, among other factors, seasonal variations.
  8. Demonstrate effective listening and communication skills with patients, families, and staff (evaluated using 360 evaluations).
  9. Demonstrate the behaviors befitting an ethical professional at all times as listed in institutional objectives of section 5. Specific to pediatrics the student will exhibit respect, humility, and a teachable attitude with faculty and staff.
  10. Advocate for their patients by helping families access appropriate medical specialties and ancillary services like developmental therapies as needed.