Selectives Clerkship: Student Learning Outcomes

UNR Med Year 3 Structure

Objectives: Third-year medical students will:

  • Be introduced to the basics of select specialties, which are not included in the core third-year educational program. 
  • Develop an increased awareness of the role of various selective specialties within the broader health delivery system, in order to facilitate better communication and collaboration with patients and colleagues.
  • Expand upon the basic science knowledge gained in the first two years of medical school, by observing and treating patients exhibiting the pathophysiology of diseases in selected specialties.
  • Expand an understanding of and sensitivity to the psychological, socioeconomical, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of disease processes, if applicable.
  • Increase knowledge through a combination of clinical conferences, self-study, didactic lectures, and regular participation in inpatient and outpatient settings. Investigate each selective specialty as a possible career selection, gaining knowledge of various practice patterns and lifestyle situations.  

Student Learning Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of each selective, students will: 

  • Demonstrate increased knowledge of the specialty, including types of patients encountered. (MEPO: 6.3, 6.1)
  • Describe types of skills learned in the diagnosis and treatment of specialty-related illness. (MEPO: 5.1) 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the career choices within each specialty, including academic, private practice, and hospital-based careers. (MEPO: 8.1, 8.2)