Surgery 651: Las Vegas

Las Vegas - 8 weeks

Clerkship Director: Gary K Shen, M.D.

Clerkship Department Assistant: Tina Brechlin

Number of Weeks:

  • Inpatient Setting 12 (combined)
  • Outpatient Setting 12 (combined)


  • 2 weeks: General Surgery
  • 2 weeks: Trauma
  • 2 weeks: VA (LV)
  • 2 weeks: Plastic Surgery
  • 3 weeks: selective (CV/transplant. acute care. minimally invasive. urology, orthopedic, emergency medicine, ENT and burn)

Call Requirements: 2 calls on Trauma

Special advice from the Clerkship Director: Be prepared, read ahead, work hard, stay positive, participate, communicate, learn a lot, have a great time.

Required Text: Suggested: Current Diagnosis & Treatment Surgery, by Doherty. All reading materials are available in electronic form at Savitt Library.