EMER661AM.11 (Las Vegas)
Emergency Medicine

Office of Medical Education

  • Course Name: Emergency Medicine
  • Short Name: EMER661AM.11 Emergency Medicine
  • Course Number: EMER661AM.11
  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Type: Clinical
  • Length: 4 Weeks
  • Preceptors:
    • Matthew Horbal, M.D.
    • Department Faculty

Please contact the department to verify elective availability.


  • The students will learn the fundamentals of emergency medicine. This includes: triage, comprehensive evaluation and appropriate treatment plans.

Description of Rotation

The student will participate in the direct evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients admitted to the emergency department. Students will rotate through the trauma, pediatric, and adult emergency department at UMC acting at a sub-intern level. Students will participate in 20 hours of medical student didactics and clinical workshops including EKG interpretation, ultrasound, and emergent airway management. Students will be responsible for all procedures performed on their patients including IV insertion, wound management, incision and drainage of simple abscess, bladder catheter insertion, nasogastric and endotracheal tube insertion under direct supervision of attending and resident physicians. This rotation is specifically geared for students interested in pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine.


  • Case Files: Emergency Medicine, Toy
  • Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, Tintinalli

Evaluation Method

Students will be evaluated on clinical performance, didactic participation and a final written and oral examination.


  • Honors: An exceptional performance which exceeds all course objectives
  • High Pass: A performance which exceeds most course objectives
  • Pass: A performance which meets the course objectives
  • Fail: A performance which does not meet the course objectives

Special Notes

To schedule this elective, please contact Melissa Cicconi

Ph: (702) 383-1958