IMED661FM.11 (Las Vegas)

Office of Medical Education

  • Course Name: Gastroenterology
  • Short Name: IMED661FM.11 Gastroenterology
  • Course Number: IMED661FM.11
  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Department: Department of Internal Medicine
  • Type: Clinical
  • Length: 4 Weeks
  • Preceptors:
    • Christian Stone, M.D.
    • Tarek Ammar, M.D.
    • Vijay Jayaraman, M.D.

Please contact the Department of Internal Medicine to verify elective availability.


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Description of Rotation

The student will, by the end of their clerkship, be ready for his clinical work in internal medicine. This elective will refresh the student's knowledge of GI anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, reinforce the importance of history taking and physical examination with special emphasis on gastroenterology. The student will be expected to be able to construct a differential diagnosis in GI disorders, and acquire the requisite medical reasoning in this field. The student will learn a basic introduction to GI therapy and the logic that leads to these choices. The student will be introduced to endoscopy, its indications and contraindications, complications, and will assist in these endoscopic procedures. The student will be required to improve oral/written presentation skills, attend conferences; be able to research the recent literature; and, if interested, participate in clinical research.

Evaluation Method

Written/oral assessment by faculty. This will be done using selected questions from the material given as well as bed-side questions. Students also evaluate faculty and residents (anonymously) and this experience for teaching/learning effectiveness.


  • Honors: An exceptional performance which exceeds all course objectives
  • High Pass: A performance which exceeds most course objectives
  • Pass: A performance which meets the course objectives
  • Fail: A performance which does not meet the course objectives

Special Notes

To schedule an elective, please contact Anthony Terrell

Ph: (702) 671-2348