MED663M.01 (Reno)
Medical Spanish

Office of Medical Education

Please contact the Office of Medical Education: Reno to verify elective availability.


  • Students will improve their fluency in oral and written Spanish such that they can interact with Spanish-only speaking patients, even if their encounters necessitate a Spanish interpreter.
  • Students will acquire resources and knowledge of Medical Spanish vocabulary needed for clinical encounters with graduated opportunities to practice Spanish with fluent speakers.
  • Students will develop personal approaches to empathic patient care through cultural humility immersion education and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT).
  • Students will be able to practice incorporation of the biopsychosocial approach to Spanish-only speaking patients in outpatient care.
  • Students will build their own individualized approach and resources for addressing institutionalized healthcare inequalities.

Description of Rotation

Students will be acquiring Spanish language through Canopy online language platform. Students will progress through the levels at their own pace with a suggested schedule & required submission of progress. Students will also have online learning modules through Canvas that will include recorded patient encounters in Spanish with associated questions. Parallel to self-paced learning will be graduated exposure to encounters with Spanish-speaking patients. These encounters will include: standardized patient encounters with community volunteers; cultural humility and ACT workshops with Spanish-speaking community volunteers; and clinical encounters with community physicians. Students will be expected to complete 40 hours of self-study via Canopy longitudinally to obtain 1 non-clinical credit. If completing clinical credits, students will be expected to complete 40 hours of in-person/zoom practice of the Spanish language (workshops and SPs) longitudinally for 1 clinical credit. Furthermore, students are expected to complete 1-2 weeks (40-80hrs) of outpatient clinical encounters either in person or via tele-medicine platforms with Spanish speaking patients for 1-2 clinical credits.


Canopy & Canvas

Evaluation Method

Students will be evaluated based on progress not mastery of Spanish. Evaluations can be completed by both elective directors as well as preceptors and community volunteers who interact with students. These evaluations are for the sole purpose of helping the student progress towards value-based actions.
Students will be required to complete the corresponding Canopy course, online Canvas modules, and participate in workshops/SP/clinic to pass the course.


  • Honors: An exceptional performance which exceeds all course objectives
  • High Pass: A performance which exceeds most course objectives
  • Pass: A performance which meets the course objectives
  • Fail: A performance which does not meet the course objectives

Grading Criteria


Special Notes

1 non-clinical credit for 40 hours of online coursework via Canopy (required, cost) -longitudinally in the Fall or in the Spring by April 16th.

Section .02: Add 1 clinical credit for 40 hours of Zoom/In-person workshops with SPs -longitudinally between September 1st to April 16th
Section .03: Add 1-2 clinical credits for 40-80 hours of outpatient clinical encounters with assigned Spanish speaking physician and patients - rotation of 1-2 weeks scheduled between January 4th to April 16th

Placement: To ensure a successful learning environment for all students, the Course Director will assess the students' knowledge of Spanish before they can register for a class, and will place them according to performance on an assessment, which they are expected to complete to the best of their ability. Students may not enroll in any course into which they have not been placed.

Prerequisite: The prerequisite for the courses is placement by the Course Director.