PEDI661ZM.11 (Las Vegas)
Pediatric Genetics

Office of Medical Education

  • Course Name: Pediatric Genetics
  • Short Name: PEDI661ZM.11 Pedi Genetics
  • Course Number: PEDI661ZM.11
  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Type: Clinical
  • Length: 4 Weeks
  • Preceptor: Michael Nasiak, M.D.

Please contact the department to verify elective availability.


  • To gain an understanding of the genetic basics for clinical disorders and be able to recognize the common genetic clinical disorders/syndromes.

Description of Rotation

The student will participate in the evaluation of children requiring genetics expertise in an outpatient setting. Assigned reading and discussion of the fundamentals of genetics disorders and their management, will be reviewed in relationship to patients evaluated.


  • Morris CA: Williams Syndrome. S.B. Cassidy and J.E. Allanson (Eds.). Management of genetic syndromes. New York, NY, John Wiley and Sons, January2001.
  • Jones KY: Smith's Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformation, ed 5. Philadelphia, PA, W.B. Saunders Co., 1997.

Evaluation Method

Oral exam, clinical performance and student case presentation of a patient seen in genetics clinic at genetics rounds.


  • Honors: An exceptional performance which exceeds all course objectives
  • High Pass: A performance which exceeds most course objectives
  • Pass: A performance which meets the course objectives
  • Fail: A performance which does not meet the course objectives

Grading Criteria

To obtain an Honors grade, the student must write an original research article or case report for publication.

Special Notes

To schedule, contact: Virginia Slywka: (702) 671-2218