SURG661QM.11 (Las Vegas)
Trauma Surgery

Office of Medical Education

  • Course Name: Trauma Surgery
  • Short Name: SURG661QM.11 Trauma Surgery
  • Course Number: SURG661QM.11
  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Type: Clinical
  • Length: 2-4 Weeks
  • Preceptors:
    • Deborah Kuhls, M.D.
    • John Fildes, M.D.

Please contact the department to verify elective availability.


  • • The student will master the evaluation, triage and treatment of trauma patients. Emphasis is placed on correlating the pathophysiology of trauma with patient injuries.

Description of Rotation

The student acts as a liaison between the general surgery and specialty surgical services at UMC trauma unit, coordinating the care of the multiple trauma patients. The student is on call every third night and is involved with trauma patients from initial resuscitation through intra- and post-operative management. Students will round on admitted patients.


Schwartz. Principles of Surgery. McGraw Hill

Evaluation Method

Written evaluation by the faculty preceptor.


  • Honors: An exceptional performance which exceeds all course objectives
  • High Pass: A performance which exceeds most course objectives
  • Pass: A performance which meets the course objectives
  • Fail: A performance which does not meet the course objectives