New Elective Proposals

Office of Medical Education

Thank you for your interest in developing new learning opportunities for our students. The Office of Medical Education is available to assist you in navigating this process. The process for development of a fourth year medical student elective is as follows**:

  • Faculty member initiates process of a new elective by filling out the New Elective Proposal form.
  • Faculty should contact Brady Janes in the Office of Medical Education for assistance in guiding the approval process and ensuring the necessary documents are created and submitted.
  • Elective is added as a discussion item to next appropriate Year 3-4 Curriculum Committee Meeting.
  • Elective is added as an approval item to next appropriate Medical Education Steering Committee Meeting (MESC).
  • Upon approval by MESC, proposal is submitted to Division of Health Sciences Courses and Curriculum Committee.*
  • Upon approval by DHS CCC, proposal is submitted to UNR Courses and Curriculum Committee (UCCC)*

* DHS and University CCC proposal deadlines and meeting dates are available from OME.

** Note: significant changes to an existing elective will require reevaluation through this process.