Scheduling and Evaluation Procedures for 4th Year Electives


  • Departmental elective administrator sign off on schedule forms for every elective that students plan to take in their departments. Elective administrators provide students with information about elective preceptors’ availability and keep a copy of each elective schedule form they sign off on.


  • Elective administrators should begin to check their Yr4 programs to schedule students with preceptors for the earliest rotations that begin in June, July and August.
  • Students must be informed of preceptor assignment and rotation specific information (i.e. location of preceptor’s office, contact information for preceptor) at least one week prior to start of all School of Medicine elective rotations. Once an elective preceptor is assigned, elective administrators should schedule the preceptor into One45, either directly into Rotation Schedule grid or use of the Best Guess feature.


  • Elective administrators should keep a copy of every schedule change form they sign and send a copy to the Office of Medical Education (Christine McHardy).
  • Elective schedules will be entered into One45 (Yr4 Electives program) by the Office of Medical Education and updated as schedule change forms are turned in to OME by students and elective administrators.
  • Elective administrators are responsible for keeping the elective preceptors assignments up-to-date in One45 as schedule changes are approved in their departmental programs either by adding them into the Rotation Scheduling grid or use of the Best Guess list feature.
  • All schedule changes must be approved at least two weeks prior to the start of the elective rotation.

Late June-Late April

  • Elective administrators should generate weekly elective Sendouts in One45 so that elective preceptors received the Final Elective grade forms to complete and students receive elective evaluation forms to complete. Sendouts of these forms can be done through Weekly Sendouts or through Bulk/Single Send feature in One45.
  • Administrators can check to see if preceptors are submitting Final Grade forms for their elective rotations thorough the One45 Sendouts-Outstanding Forms feature or through the Custom Search feature.
  • Grades for elective rotations are entered into PeopleSoft for student transcripts by the School of Medicine Registrar, through One45 so it is very important that final elective grades be entered into One45 by elective preceptors or through manual entry into One45 by elective administrators.