Advanced Clinical Experiences in Family and Community Medicine

Office of Medical Education

·         Course Name: Advanced Clinical Experiences in Family and Community Medicine

·         Short Name: FCM661BM.01 ·         Course Number: FCM661BM.01 ·         Location: Reno ·         DepartmentDepartment of Family and Community Medicine ·         Department ContactChristie Gilbreath o    Phone: (775) 682-6454 o ·         Type: Clinical ·         Length: up to 5 weeks to complete the cases ·         Preceptor: Lisa Calvo, MD   Please contact the Department of Family and Community Medicine to verify elective availability.


  • Through completion of this elective, the student will demonstrate an appreciation for the importance of providing high value health care to patients


Description of Rotation

The students will complete a series of 12 online clinical cases, through the Aquifer course "Aquifer High Value Care". The completion case time will be reviewed by the preceptor, and it is expected that you will spend roughly 25 minutes per case. In addition to reviewing the time spent on the case, Dr. Calvo will also review your answers to the in-case questions. You are also required to submit to Dr. Calvo a 500-word reflective essay on the value of the experience.


Student's choice: Aquifer High Value Care case series, at

Evaluation Method

The students are expected to spend roughly *** minutes per case, and provide thoughtful answers to the in-case questions. In addition, the reflection essay must be well-crafted and demonstrate true reflection, including how what you learned will affect your future practice.


  • Pass: A performance which meets the course objectives
  • Fail: A performance which does not meet the course objectives