Fourth Year Elective Planning and Management

Everything you need to plan and manage your 4th year

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Update 10/17/20

Changes: The change form is active below. Please note that you are required to ensure your schedule continually meets graduation requirements. The form routes directly to the Office of Medical Education for review and then will be forwarded to the department assistants. Changes that meet requirements will be updated in One45 within 48-72 hours, or you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Away Registration:

  • The registration forms are for after you have accepted an offer.
  • There are now separate forms for virtual and in-person aways.
  • Be sure to have the syllabus handy to upload it, and other supporting information (if needed) into the form.

Mask Fit Testing: Please allow 5 business days for mask fit testing. Contact Stevielynn Webber to obtain the form and instructions.

Replacement Masks: To replace a mask issued by Renown, please contact a floor supervisor for assistance in having the mask repaired or replaced. For masks issued by University Health, email Jennie Parker and copy Samantha Rodeman to make arrangements.


Away Elective Request Form (Step 1, required for the elective for which you have RECEIVED an offer) VIRTUAL Away Registration and Credit Evaluation (Step 2, required for the elective for which you have accepted an offer) Be sure to have the syllabus handy to upload into the form. Return Registration (Step 3, required mid-late rotation, prior to return if not virtual)
Change Form Changes to Fall semester are accepted until December 1; changes to Spring semester, February 1.
In-Person Away Registration and Credit Evaluation (Step 2, required for the elective for which you have accepted an offer) Be sure to have the syllabus handy to upload into the form.  

Information & Tools 


For adding, changing, or dropping AWAY electives students must notify the department of the school/institution offering the elective, in writing.

Students are responsible for ensuring their schedule always contains 30 plus clinical and 36 total credits; any course dropped that takes the total below 36 must be accompanied by a course addition, following the graduation requirements. Students are to consult with their advisor with schedule content questions.

For adding or changing UNR Med electives, students will contact the department assistant to check availability. Then they will complete the change form. OME will review the submission to ensure that the request is occurring more than two weeks in advance/in time to complete credentialing. Then OME will forward the form to the department assistant who will schedule the elective in One45.  

Please note all changes (drop, add, change) are due at least two weeks prior to the start of the affected elective. Please remember that some institutions credentialing requirements take longer than 2 weeks. For example, if your credentials have lapsed at the VA you will need up to 6 weeks advanced planning.

Students must be registered in advance of an elective if they are to receive credit.

Students' away electives must either go through VSLO or have an affiliation agreement in place prior to the start of the elective in order to be authorized to attend and to receive credit.

Absences are considered insurance and may be requested from the Course Director, copying the Department Assistant, for up to 3 days in a four-week rotation and 1 day in a two week rotation; time off must be made up to receive credit.

No schedule changes to fall semester electives will be accepted after December 1. No changes to spring semester electives will be accepted after February 1.

Change Q&A:

  1. Will I be penalized for canceling a home elective if the away elective(s) comes thorough?  A: No, as long as you follow the change process described below.
  2. What happens after we submit a change form request? Do we hear back within that day, or week?  A:Usually within 24-48 hours on business days. The form is received by OME and we send it to the department assistants (for local electives).