Schedule Changes

Office of Medical Education

Changes in the schedule are strongly discouraged once your schedule has been submitted. If unusual circumstances warrant consideration of change, approval by the appropriate elective coordinators and approval of the Office of Medical Education must be obtained by the student, using the Elective Change Form.

At no time may the student's schedule contain less than the required 36 credits; any course dropped that takes the total below 36 must be turned in with an accompanying course addition. Student must be registered in advance for an elective if they are to receive credit; course changes must be approved and processed through the Office of Medical Education before the student begins the elective. A processing time of no less than two weeks is required for any change of elective.

Students who cancel an out-of-state elective must notify the department offering the elective, in writing. A copy of the letter must be forwarded to the Office of Medical Education, along with a completed Elective Change Form.

IMPORTANT: No schedule changes to fall semester electives will be accepted after December 1, 2017. No changes to spring semester electives will be accepted after February 1, 2018.