For Credit International Electives and Experiences

Office of Medical Education


Interested students are required to attend an in-person travel interest meeting with the Travel Coordinator. It is highly recommended that you meet with the coordinator before August 31 or your plans may not be possible

  • Students may choose elective travel from the following resources:
    1. AAMC's VSLO - Access the Global Network by searching for electives at Access will be granted by the Travel Coordinator during the required first step, the travel interest meeting. To preview VSLO opportunities without access, DO NOT LOG IN as a student. 
    2. Uganda through ARCH. A travel interest meeting with the Travel Coordinator must occur before August 31 for students to be eligible for this experience.

Students are solely responsible for completing the requirements and adhering to deadlines. Sample planning schedule:

June 1-August 31

  1. Meet with the Travel Coordinator for your required international travel interest meeting.
  2. Set up follow-up meetings with the Travel Coordinator.
  3. After meeting with the Travel Coordinator, discuss your plans with the Travel Leader and have your intended experience approved for elective credit, following the elective add/change process.

By September 15

  1. Review UNR's process and forms found at the UNR student travel page.
  2. Submit the International Travel Authorization Form (ITA) to the Travel Coordinator to be routed for signatures and to UNR Risk Management.
  3. For ARCH Uganda: contact ARCH Uganda and start the process with them. Please note: if you have not started their process by this time they may be unable to schedule you.
  4. If you haven't already, set up all follow-up meetings with the Travel Coordinator.
  5. Begin completing the remainder of UNR's requirements found at the UNR student travel page.

No less than 2 months prior to travel

  1. Make an appointment with the Travel Coordinator to review paperwork to ensure it is ready for the Travel Leader.
  2. Make appointment with the Faculty Travel Leader to review completed paperwork, get their signature, review student conduct, emergency procedures, and other in-country preparation and set up post-travel evaluation meeting to occur within 2 weeks of return.
  3. Make appointment with the Travel Coordinator to review the completed and signed package and submit to UNR.

Within 14 days after returning, at the time and date you have pre-arranged, meet with the Travel Leader to discuss the experience and submit all of the requirements below:

  1. A one-page written report describing the experience, including:
    • what experience was gained
    • who the attending faculty were
    • who else you interacted with
    • what patient population(s) were served
    • a memorable patient encounter
    • why you would or would not recommend the experience
    • the program identifiers as displayed in VSLO, if applicable.
  2. Evaluation(s) by your attending(s). Form is found at: Link to Clinical Performance Evaluation

Remember, successful planning is your responsibility. Be sure to read all instructions carefully and pay attention to deadlines.

Travel Coordinator

For all other International Travel, please see the Student Affairs travel website.