Additional Information

Office of Medical Education

Insurance Coverage

The School of Medicine does not provide professional liability insurance coverage on visiting students. Therefore, all students that are accepted are required to have professional liability insurance coverage from their own medical school; or they must obtain an individual policy.

Student Stipends

No student stipends are available. The School of Medicine will give no credit to visiting students. Evaluation of the student's performance will be made using the evaluation form provided by the visiting student's medical school. This will be forwarded to the student's medical school upon completion of the elective.

Changes in Electives Catalog

Elective course changes may occur after catalog publication. For the most current information on electives, contact either the appropriate academic department or the Office of Medical Education at (775) 682-7729. You may view the updated electives catalog on our Electives Website.


Arrangements for housing and meals must be made by the student.