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Audiologists at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine treat patients of all ages who are experiencing hearing problems. Through a wide-range of techniques, our audiologists help improve hearing and prevent related damage to the ear. Hearing loss is usually gradual and may take time to discover; but if you have a difficult time understanding conversations, have to turn up the volume constantly, or others complain of your hearing—then come meet our staff today.

Our board-certified doctors have extensive audiology training and are equipped with innovative testing methods to help determine the severity of hearing loss. Our audiologists will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan using the latest hearing technology—including hearing aids, cochlear implants, or surgery.

Our newly remodeled audiology testing facility features state of the art equipment and offers the following services: hearing evaluations, balance evaluations, auditory processing disorder evaluations (APD), cochlear implant candidate evaluations, cochlear implant mapping services, OSHA hearing screenings and custom hearing protection. We also host cochlear implant support groups as well as community aural rehabilitation classes.

Hearing loss is much more than just a physical impairment; it can also lead to emotional and psychological disabilities. There are multiple causes from exposure to loud noise, aging, inheritance, trauma and disease. These causes result in one of four different types of hearing loss, which our audiologists will determine and go over with you to find the best treatment and prevention options.

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