Pediatric Infectious Disease

Patient Care

Our infectious disease specialists and pediatricians in Las Vegas are dedicated to providing the best possible health care for our youngest patients, as well as HIV positive women who are expecting. It's our goal to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission, so we offer pregnancy consultations and critical prenatal care for infected women.

The interdisciplinary setting at the School of Medicine ensures that your child will receive the treatment he or she deserves for a range of infectious diseases including HIV and AIDS, respiratory infections and tuberculosis. We also help patients with the cold and flu, bladder infections, urinary tract infections and kidney infections.

In addition to providing quality treatment for infectious diseases, our pediatric infectious disease specialists can also administer vaccinations, provide education on disease prevention and care for children with chronic infections from birth to teen years.

Pediatric infectious diseases can come from a variety of sources including bacteria, parasites, fungi, or a virus. Specialists at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine have advanced training to recognize the symptoms in our pediatric patients including prolonged illness and bone or joint infections, and then develop effective treatment plans.

Whether your child has been diagnosed with an infectious disease or you are just inquiring about education and prevention, come meet with our pediatric infectious disease specialists today. They will provide knowledgeable information to assist in a treatment plan or to help prevent a future outbreak.

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