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Sports medicine specialists at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine offer physical therapy for athletes of all levels who want to be more active than their medical condition allows. Our sports medicine doctors work with professional, college and high school athletes and even "weekend warriors."

Our sports medicine focus is on injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system particularly those involving the knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow as well as treatment for illness related to sports, integrating physical therapy, injury prevention and enhancing sports performance. When a patient comes in suffering from pain as a result of sports trauma or over-exertion, our sports medicine physicians offer compassionate and thorough care. We are committed to healing your ailments and getting you back on your feet to play and exercise.

The sports medicine department is led by the highly skilled Dr. Islas, who has experience in wilderness medicine and treating patients in rural settings with limited medical resources. He is also the head team physician for the University of Nevada, Reno athletics program. Our board-certified doctors supervise medical students and fellows by providing exceptional care to athletes, in addition they have access to the latest resources in sports medicine treatment. We understand quick recovery time is a high priority for our patients and we are dedicated to treating and preventing your injuries.

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