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Having to face an organ transplant is usually very frightening and stressful. Fear not, surgeons at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine are highly qualified and have performed hundreds of individual transplant surgeries. Our surgeons are dedicated to improving the quality of life and after a successful surgery, you will realize their commitment.

Transplant surgeons perform procedures on all parts of the body and on patients of all ages. Our surgeons are university-based, so they have access to the latest medical advancements to perform effective operations. In addition, our transplant surgeons are there for you from the initial diagnosis stage to the end by ensuring proper follow-up care and supporting you through your recovery. Medication for organ transplant patients is important to our team and they carefully follow the most current research studies and clinical trials to prevent infection and rejection. During your transplant surgery, you will be supported by a team of doctors, nurses and administrative staff to help you through a quick recovery and a healthy life.

If you've just discovered you need an organ transplant, or have questions about organ donor information, come talk with our transplant surgery staff. Our surgery team is knowledgeable, respectful and devoted to improving healthcare in our Nevada communities.

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