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At the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, we incorporate an interdisciplinary approach to developing individual lifelong skills to help lose and maintain weight. Our team of internists, nurses and registered dieticians work together to assess weight loss methods that will be most beneficial to you. Our goal is to guide you towards leading a healthy lifestyle and prevent or control obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Our certified weight loss staff will discuss your goals and expectations and a plan to achieve them. During the program you will be periodically evaluated by our team to address key issues necessary to achieve your goals.

Healthy eating is the most important part of the weight management process. Knowing what and what not to eat is key. School of Medicine doctors and staff may also recommend other important tools to help you lose weight such as meal replacement, medications and assessment of surgical options.

Studies show that diets may show promising results initially but fail to maintain weight long-term. This is why it is very important to find a healthy eating plan that appeals to you and that you can follow for the rest of your life.

Our goal at the School of Medicine is to transition you to a healthier lifestyle. Life is full of surprises and you will be amazed at how minimal changes can produce significant results. We understand this is important for you and would like to be a part of this journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

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