Core C: Single Cell Molecular Expression

COBRE: Smooth Muscle Plasticity Phase III

The Single Cell Molecular Expression Core (SCME) provides investigators and other researchers in the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) with the following state of the art services:

  1. Automated single cell capture followed by cDNA preparation using the Fluidigm C1 Single Cell Auto-Prep system
  2. High throughput quantitative PCR assays and targeted template enrichment using the Fluidigm BioMark HD
  3. Small noncoding RNA deep sequencing (sncRNA-Seq) or targeted DNA deep sequencing using the Ion Torrent PGM sequencer
  4. Ribosome profiling to determine translational status of mRNAs in a given tissue/organ using RiboTag mice and RNA-Seq
  5. Manipulation of a gene of interest to achieve over-expression, reduced expression, complete inactivation, or replacement with another gene using the latest genome editing technologies including ZFNs, TALENs and Cas9-CRISPR in cultured cells.
  6. Assistance in the designing, execution and analysis of next-generation deep sequencing and genome editing experiments

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