Price List

July2015-June 2016

Pricing for Single Cell Molecular Expression Core services
ServicesRate/per sample
Fluidigm C1 service sum $7,658.00
Biomark qPCR service sum $1,350.00
Bimark HT qPCR service sum $1,471.00
NGS RNA library sequencing sum $2,280.00
NGS DNA library sum $1,590.00
Small RNA Sequencing sum $2,240.00
Gene deletion using Cas9/CRISPR in mice/per gRNA $315.00
CRISPR in vitro transcription for RNA Injections/per gRNA $248.00
Homologous Donor Design and Construction $410.00
Pronuclear Injection (100 embryos/4 surrogates) and Embryo transfer $1,290.00
Genotyping Design and Service $172.00
Bioinformatics and BioMark Service/per hour $80
Cage/per day $1.10