Smooth Muscle Transcriptome Data

Smooth Muscle Transcriptome Sequencing Project

We have stored transcriptome data files of smooth muscle tissues and cell types, which can be downloaded to build your own custom track browser linked to UCSC Genome Browser.

Smooth Muscle Transcriptome Data

Smooth Muscle Transcriptome Data by Name, description, Gene, Isoform
File nameDescriptionKnown geneTotal isoform
SM_Jejunum Jejunum SM 15,837 53,337
SMC_Jejunum SMC in jejunum SM 15,427 46,299
ICC_Jejunum ICC in jejunum SM 17,172 55,259
PaC_Jejunum PDGFRα+ cells in jejunum SM 16,270 48,974
SM_Colon Colon SM 16,359 55,345
SMC_Colon SMC in colon SM 15,192 47,275
ICC_Colon ICC in colon SM 16,820 54,488
PaC_Colon PDGFRα+ cells in colon SM 15,714 48,894
Mu_Colon Colon mucosa 15,933 52,113
PaC_Mu_Colon PDGFRα+ cells in colon mucosa 15,777 51,282

*GI All: all transcriptional variants expressed in GI cells and tissues above.
*CArG_Mouse: Mouse CArG (CC[A/T]6GG) boxes
*CArG_Mouse_and_Human: Conserved CArG boxes in mice and humans

Building a UCSC Custom Track Genome Browser

  1. Download gtf and bed files above in your computer.
  2. Go to UCSC Genome Browser (
  3. Click "Custom Tracks" under "My Data".
  4. Click "Browse", select each saved transcriptome file, click "Open", and hit "Submit".
  5. Click "User Track", replace the file name from 'User Track' to each assigned name in the table, and hit "Submit".
  6. Click "add custom tracks" to add another file, and repeat steps 4-6 until all files are uploaded.
  7. Click "go" to view in "Genome Browser"