Satisfactory Academic Progress for Medical Student Financial Aid

Policy Manual

  • Policy Number: ASA 14-008
  • Effective Date: Immediately
  • Department: Office of Admissions and Student Affairs
  • Originator: Cherie A. Singer, Associate Dean
  • Download: Download Policy ASA 14-008
  1. Purpose and Background
    1. To be eligible for financial aid, students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. The Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships at the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine (UNR Med) have established qualitative and quantitative requirements for a student’s progress towards completion of their medical doctor (M.D.) degree. These standards must be met for a student to maintain financial aid eligibility. The purpose of this policy is to establish rules and regulations governing SAP of medical students (SAP-MS) at UNR Med.
  2. Revision History
  3. Stakeholders
    1. Students
    2. Faculty
    3. UNR and UNR Med Administration
    4. Scholarship foundations and donors
  4. Policy Review and Standards
    1. Students who wish to be considered for financial aid or scholarships must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually.
    2. A review of the medical student’s SAP for financial aid eligibility will be conducted at the end of each semester by the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs (ASA) at UNR Med based on the qualitative and quantitative standards set forth here.
    3. Quantitative Standards
      1. Enrollment Requirement:
        All medical students are enrolled as full-time students.
      2. Maximum Time Frame:
        The normal time frame for completion of the required course work for the MD degree is four academic years. Due to academic or personal difficulties, or participation in scholarly enrichment activities, a student may require additional time. The maximum time frame to complete the requirements for the MD degree cannot exceed 150% or 6 years of the normal four-year program. This maximum time frame includes any approved leaves of absences. Activated military students and those enrolled in a dual degree programs are not held to this requirement. Requests for exceptions are subject to review by the Student Promotion and Conduct Committee (SPCC).
    4. Qualitative Standards
      1. Graded Coursework:
        All final course grades for courses, blocks, clerkships and electives offered through UNR Med are assigned grades of Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail. All students are required to complete these components with a grade of Pass or higher.
      2. Repeated Coursework:
        A temporary grade of Incomplete may be given when at the close of a course, assigned work is not complete or a student does not achieve the benchmarks for a passing grade in a grading component. An Incomplete generated by failure of a course grading component will require successful completion of a formal remediation plan within 30 days of the end of the academic year and will result in a grade no higher than a Pass. Failure to successfully remediate the course will result in a grade of Fail and result in failure to maintain SAP-MS.

        These standards are outlined in detail in the Policy for Final Grade Assignment and Year One and Two Promotion Criteria, Clerkship Exam Policy, USMLE Policy and Code of Student Professionalism.
    5. Financial Aid Warning

      If a student is placed on academic probation by the SPCC for not achieving the benchmarks for a passing grade in any graded component or failure to meet the quantitative standards, they will be also receive a written Financial Aid Warning from ASA. The student will continue to receive federal financial aid for one payment period/semester, referred to as the warning period.
    6. Loss of Financial Aid Eligibility

      A student will lose financial aid availability for failure to meet the qualitative and/or quantitative standards for SAP-MS after the warning period and will be subject to the Student Due Process Policy governing dismissal from UNR Med.
    7. The SAP-MS standards described here are utilized solely to determine federal financial aid eligibility. SAP-MS standards do not cancel, modify or override UNR Med academic standards and policies.
  5. Definitions
    ASA – Office of Admission and Student Affairs
    SAP-MS – Satisfactory Academic Progress for Medical Students
    SPCC – Student Promotion and Conduct Committee
    UNR Med – University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine
  6. Responsibilities & Procedures
    1. ASA will be responsible for conducting SAP-MS reviews of all students at the end of each semester.
    2. ASA will notify the SPCC of any student that has failed to meet the qualitative and/or quantitative SAP-MS standards.
    3. All notifications regarding financial aid eligibility will originate from ASA and/or the University of Nevada, Reno Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.
    4. Appeals Process:
      The appeals process will follow the guidelines outlined by the University of Nevada, Reno Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

      Students who do not meet the minimum standards for SAP-MS may submit an appeal using the SAP Appeal form.

      The appeal must state the reasons for failing to meet SAP-MS requirements and include, if applicable, special circumstances that contributed lack of SAP-MS, supporting documentation, as well as steps your are taking to ensure you will make SAP-MS in the future.

      A copy of the appeal must also be filed with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at UNR Med within 10 days.

      If your appeal is denied, you will receive a letter that includes the criteria you must meet in order to receive financial aid. If you feel there are circumstances that are not reflected in your supporting documentation, you may amend your appeal. If your amended appeal is denied, you may request an in-person appeal. Further appeal decisions are final and are not subject to further review.
    5. Dual-degree enrollment:
      Students may only receive financial aid from one college, even if they are concurrently enrolled at more than one. Your enrollment status at the University only includes coursework that is listed in our semester class schedule. Exceptions may be approved in advance for students whose program requires courses that are never offered at this University or in other limited circumstances approved by the UNR Med SPCC.
    6. Non-enrollment
      Students who take a leave of absence, withdraw, or are dismissed from UNR Med are not eligible for financial aid. The university calculates and returns Title IV funds according to federal policy. These regulations require that the institution recalculate the eligibility for aid disbursed in a given semester to determine whether any of the aid originally disbursed needs to be returned. This calculation is based on the percentage of time the student was enrolled.
    7. Where applicable and unless otherwise noted here, UNR Med will abide by the policies and procedures of the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships at the University of Nevada, Reno.