Attire and Grooming Policy

Policy Manual

  • Effective Date: 06/05/2017

Attire and Grooming Policy


Consistent with the core values of the School of Medicine, the purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for personal attire and grooming which promotes a positive and professional image of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine (UNR Med) and gives due consideration to safety and sound business practices.

UNR Med will interpret this policy consistent with applicable UNR Med and UNR policies promoting diversity and individual expression. This policy shall be applied in a way that respects, supports, and values all members of the UNR Med's diverse community.


This policy is applicable to all employees including administrative and academic faculty, classified staff, and student employees. Residents and students shall adhere to the professional attire guidelines outlined in their respective handbooks.


All UNR Med employees will maintain professional standards of personal grooming, hygiene, and present a professional appearance at all times. Employees shall adhere to the expectations outlined in this policy in addition to individual department dress codes that may be more stringent due to patient care and/or business operational needs.

  • All UNR Med employees are expected to present a professional appearance which includes being neat, clean and well-groomed according to the requirements of their position while performing professional duties at UNR Med or any off campus location(s).
  • Special requirements may be necessary for safety, health, sanitation, clinical and professional practice reasons, including the use of lab coats, scrubs, protective eyewear, gloves and/or footwear, and other specialized clothing or equipment.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be made to make reasonable accommodations to employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act or other similar law or policy, which calls for reasonable accommodations.

Clothing should be in keeping with professional attire for the workplace, including meeting with patients, students, and the public. For example, professional attire is not ripped or tattered, does not expose midriffs or undergarments, does not display offensive language or graphics, and is not beachwear including flip-flops. Other examples of unprofessional attire can be found on the Faculty Policy website.

Casual Dress

Allowing casual dress is at the discretion of supervisors. If casual dress is permitted, attire and grooming should still be professional in nature and not include any of the prohibited clothing identified above.

Should casual dress be permitted by the department or administrative head, employees are encouraged to wear shirts with the University or School of Medicine logo to cultivate cohesiveness and nurture the UNR Med spirit.


All UNR Med faculty and staff should maintain appropriate professional attire and grooming in accordance with this policy. It is the supervisor's responsibility to enforce compliance with this policy. UNR Med employees who are dressed in an unprofessional manner may be counseled by their supervisor, which may include being sent home to change into appropriate clothing. Failure to comply with this policy may also be reflected in an employee's annual evaluation. Employees are encouraged to contact Human Resources if they disagree with their supervisor's enforcement of this policy.