Assignment of Students to Clinical Faculty

Policy Manual

  • Policy Number: P 009
  • Effective Date: 10/03/2008
  • Last Revised: 05/01/2007
  1. Purpose and Background
    1. Both the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and other medical schools pursue the mission of educating medical students and preparing them to start graduate medical education in accredited residency training programs. During all four years of their training, medical students participate in supervised clinical learning experiences in hospitals and at other health care delivery sites; many of these training sites are staffed by clinical faculty. Clinical faculty at their respective clinical sites have a specific predetermined capacity for the number of medical students who can be supervised on any particular rotation. This policy ensures quality of education for students and respectful use of clinical faculty resources.
  2. Revision History
    1. 5-1-07: 1.0: New Document
  3. Persons affected
    1. Medical students
    2. Resident physicians
    3. Clinical faculty
  4. Policy
    1. It is the policy at the UNR Med that:
      1. Each clinical faculty and clinical site has a specific predetermined capacity for the number of medical students who can be supervised on any particular rotation.
      2. Students from UNR Med have priority in being assigned to preceptor clinical faculty/clinical rotation.
      3. Capacity will be defined, specific to specialty and setting, input from the affected clinical faculty will be included in these determinations.
    2. For third year required clerkship rotations, a clinical faculty preceptor should be assigned students from only one institution at any given time.
    3. If, during a given fourth year elective rotation, the capacity of a particular clinical faculty is not filled, vacancies can be assigned through the standard OME application process to fourth year students from other institutions, if the preceptor agrees.
      1. Ensuring credit for clinical experiences is the responsibility of the student's home institution.
    4. Residents assigned to clinical faculty may only supervise third year students from their home institution and fourth year students on OME approved electives.
  5. Definitions
    1. Clinical Faculty refers to non-salaried community clinicians holding time-limited appointments at UNR Med as "Clinical (Assistant, Associate) Professor of…" who volunteer time to supervising students and residents.
  6. Responsibilities
    1. OME along with clinical faculty shall determine training capacity of clinical training sites.
  7. Procedures
    1. Visiting student submits application materials and fee to OME to apply for a visiting elective (see Visiting student policy)
    2. UNR Med Department in which clinical faculty hold appointment contacts clinical faculty to determine whether capacity exists at requested time to accommodate student's schedule.