Policy for Final Grade Assignment

Policy Manual

  • Policy Number: P 014
  • Effective Date: 07/26/2012
  • Last Revised: 07/26/2012
  1. Purpose and Background
    1. With the shift from a discipline-based, basic science curriculum which utilized a letter grade system in the first two years of medical school to a systems-based, integrated four year curriculum, it became clear that it would be useful to standardize the final grade assignment across the whole program. In so doing, medical students would be able to make the shift to the grading styles inherent in the clinical curriculum upon entering medical school. Therefore, this policy is established in order to achieve uniformity in grading practices across the University of Nevada School of Medicine M.D. degree program and all campus instructional sites.
  2. Revision History
    1. 7-26-12: New Document (Approved by MESC)
  3. Persons affected
    1. Medical students
    2. Faculty
    3. Staff
  4. Policy
    1. All final course grades for courses, blocks, clerkships, and electives offered through the University of Nevada School of Medicine will be assigned honors/high pass/pass/fail; these will be recorded as H/HP/P/F on the medical student transcript. No grade point average will be calculated.
    2. A temporary grade of Incomplete* may be given when at the close of a course assigned work is not complete or a student does not achieve the benchmarks for a passing grade in a grading component. An Incomplete generated by failure of a course level grading component will result in a grade not higher than a Pass.
  5. Definitions
    1. Grade - Rating scale used for summative assessment of student performance in a course/ block/ clerkship/ or elective
      1. Honors represents outstanding performance which significantly exceeds basic competency levels
      2. High Pass represents performance in which some basic competency levels have been exceeded.
      3. Pass represents acceptable performance in which all basic competencies have been met.
      4. Fail indicates that following remediation efforts, basic competencies have not been met.
      5. Incomplete indicates that work is unfinished or one or more basic competencies have not been met.
  6. Responsibilities
    1. Course/Block/Clerkship/Elective faculty (working in cooperation with the Office of Medical Education and the curriculum committees) will develop the activities, assignments, and assessments that form the grading components from which the grade for their course is derived.
    2. Course/Block/Clerkship/Elective faculty (working in cooperation with the Office of Medical Education and the curriculum committees) will create and distribute a syllabus and related learning materials which clearly state the criteria that have been set for the course grade.
  7. Procedures
    1. Final grades must be turned in to the PeopleSoft/My Nevada system through the Coordinator, Medical School Records & Registration with Admissions and Student Affairs (ASA).
  8. Policy Authors (final responsibility)
    1. Medical Education Steering Committee collectively
  9. Committee approval
    1. Medical Education Steering Committee on 7.26.12


Grading structure is noted in University of Nevada, Reno Course Catalog under the "Grades and Examinations" section as an option for medical school courses.

The Year 1 Block grading scheme was submitted through University Courses and Curriculum Committee on May 7, 2012 for posting to the PeopleSoft/My Nevada student records system.

*Per the UNR Registrar's Office: Under the new PeopleSoft/My Nevada system, an "Incomplete" will automatically revert to a grade of "Fail" on the last day of the semester following that in which it was given (Summer sessions excluded). This action occurs before the December holidays in the fall semester and in mid-May for the spring semester. In order to avoid this action, a form for "Request for an Incomplete Extension" must be filed with the Office of Admissions and Records at least two weeks ahead of the cut-off date when the "Incomplete" expires.