Steps to Policy Formation

Policy Manual

Step One

A department, office or committee ("Originator") will submit a one page description of the desired policy, or policy revision, to the Policy Committee Chair, at

Step Two

The Policy Committee will determine if a policy in this area already exists.

IF YES, the Policy Committee will provide information about that policy to the originator:

  1. the originator may decide to keep the existing policy


  2. the originator may proceed with rewriting the policy statement and submitting form to committee.

IF NO, the originator writes a policy statement and submits form to committee

Step Three

The originator submits the new/revised policy to stakeholders (identified on policy form) for review and comments. Comments should be reviewed by the originator and incorporated into the formatted policy as deemed necessary. NOTE: Definition "stakeholders" - People who will be directly affected by policy implementation.

Step Four

The originator submits the policy to the Policy Committee for a document readability check:

  1. if changes are necessary, the Policy Committee will return the document with recommended edits to the originator


  2. the Policy Committee will forward the document for legal review.

Step Five

Legal Counsel may:

  1. Approve the policy for legalities (signature required)
  2. Recommend policy changes/edits
  3. Disapprove the policy

Step Six

Policies that have been reviewed and approved by Legal Counsel will be presented by the originator to their stakeholders, or designated delegate, so any final questions may be posed and/or a vote taken if necessary. Signature required.

Step Seven

The policy will be routed to the Dean of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, or the Dean's delegate, for signature.

Step Eight

The approved and signed policy will be publically disseminated via School of Medicine website, email, at meetings, in the Student and/or Faculty Handbooks, and other sources which may be applicable to the scope of the policy.