Assignments, Projects, Patient Logs

Psychiatry Clerkship: Reno

Each student must complete two comprehensive written patient evaluations for presentation to their faculty tutor. One of these two evaluations must focus on a case specific to substance use/abuse/dependence. These evaluations must include a full history, mental status examination, bio-psychosocial formulation and plan and are due to the faculty tutor in the second and fourth weeks of the rotation. Please see examples given to you during orientation.

Each student must prepare a brief substance abuse presentation to be given in the fifth week of the rotation.

Students are required to maintain an electronic patient log as part of the clerkship experience and ONE45 provides a module called Patient Log that allows students to maintain a database of patient encounters. Students may enter patient log data into the ONE45 database on any computer with internet access or by using smartphone applications available from ONE45. When logging patients, please be as specific as possible in the diagnosis field (e.g. Bipolar II Disorder, not just Mood Disorders).