Course Methodologies and Format

Psychiatry Clerkship: Reno

Students will spend three weeks on each of the two clinical sites, the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System Psychiatry Inpatient Unit and the Consultation/Liaison Service at Renown Regional Medical Center. They will work closely with both the attendings and the psychiatry residents at each of these sites. The students will observe patient interviews, do patient interviews while being observed, and progress to doing interviews independently. They will, under supervision, do charting, as well as participating in the day to day activities of the clinical sites.

Students will meet with a designated department faculty member, a faculty tutor.

The students' interviewing, assessment, and treatment planning skills will be assessed by the faculty tutor's close supervision of two comprehensive case write-ups during weekly meetings. This will also provide an opportunity to answer questions, review patient logs and discuss topics of interest.

Students will meet with representatives of Alcoholics Anonymous and give a short presentation on a substance abuse topic.

Students will do a variety of readings, including the required textbook.