Chief Resident Position

Student Handbook, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences: Reno

There is one chief resident. The Chief Resident is usually a PGY-3 or PGY-4 held position. The Chief Resident is selected by a process of nominations from residents and faculty, reviewed by the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC), and with advice to the Program Director. The Chief Resident for the following academic year is selected during the spring. The month of June will be used as a transition month with official duties beginning July 1.

Criteria for Chief Resident Eligibility

  1. Be in good standing in the residency program (not on probation)
  2. Have completed one year of training at this residency.
  3. Must be active in the general psychiatry residency for the term they are elected.

Duties of the Chief Resident

  1. Maintain regular contact with the Psychiatry Residency Program Director to review the residency program including residence performance and evaluation, and to assist in initiating new policies and/or procedures in the program.
  2. Serve as an advocate for the resident body and as a liaison between the residents and the faculty.
  3. Serve as chairperson for resident meetings, bringing concerns to the Residency Education Committee in a timely manner.
  4. Develop on-call schedules for the residents on the psychiatry services. Provide or assign back up for on call residents in urgent situations, as needed.
  5. Assist with the development of the lecture schedule, case conferences, journal clubs, and participate in teaching junior resident didactics as requested.
  6. Maintain contact with residents who are assigned to non-psychiatric services to help them retain their involvement in and identification with psychiatry.
  7. Participate in recruitment.
  8. Serves as voting member of the Resident Education Committee
  9. Serves as member of the Graduate Medical Education Meeting
  10. Counsel residents independently and confidentially when they note cause for concern, but need not report such counsel to the program director, unless the resident in question is unwilling or unable to adjust their behavior, or when there is a risk of harm to a patient, or in the case where formal disciplinary procedures are undertaken.
  11. Enforce the implementation of specific policies
  12. Serves as a role model in the areas of resident scholarship, clinical skills and responsibility, medical and personal ethics and interpersonal communication and personal responsibility.

Removal of Chief Resident

  1. The Chief Resident may be relieved summarily of their position, authority, and responsibilities by the Program director (with concurrence of the Residency Education Committee) in the following situations:
    1. The Chief Resident consistently fails to satisfactorily perform their duties, such that their continued service as Chief Resident would impede the quality and consistency of the Program.
    2. When the Chief Resident has committed a serious breach of medical, ethical, personal or legal standards such that their continued service as Chief resident would jeopardize the reputation of the Program or the department.
  2. Other interventions, if any, would follow the appropriate policies and procedures found in this handbook and the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Resident Physicians and Fellows Handbook of Policies and Procedures.