Counseling and Support Services

Student Handbook, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences: Reno

Residents are not required to participate in personal psychotherapy or psychoanalysis as part of the curriculum. However, residents are encouraged to get involved in therapy for personal problems or to gain greater awareness of self. Such an endeavor is likely to improve their effectiveness as psychiatrists.

Residents experiencing a wide range of problems including family discord, addiction problems, relationship problems, legal issues, financial problems, as well as a number of other problems of living may seek assistance from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). For further information, please see the Resident Wellness section of the School of Medicine Resident Physicians and Fellows Handbook of Policies and Procedures.

Optional growth-oriented psychotherapy is available for residents from a selected number of psychotherapists in the community having little or no direct ties to the program. A reasonable and affordable fee may be negotiated. This experience will provide an avenue for the resident to work on self discovery, healing, and becoming more aware of their issues and strategies for encountering life events. By being more aware it is expected that the quality of therapy provided to future patients will be raised. The content of the sessions is strictly confidential and will not be discussed by the therapist with any faculty member nor will it affect training evaluations in any way. For information on this opportunity, contact one of the chief residents or the residency office.