Program Description

Student Handbook, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences: Reno

A major goal of the first year is to assist residents in forming a physician identity. To this end, residents spend four months on medicine, two months on neurology, and six months on inpatient psychiatry, three of which are at the Reno VA Hospital and the other three at Northern Nevada Adult Mental Services (NNAMHS). Although much of the first year of training is provided by the Department of Medicine, the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty closely monitors resident progress, and provides seminars and conferences in psychiatry Wednesday afternoons at the Department and at other sites. Training during the first year occurs at NNAMHS where residents learn public inpatient psychiatry and at Reno VA Medical Center where residents learn both inpatient psychiatry and chemical dependency.

The first year seminar curriculum includes topics relevant to the first year experience and the professional developmental needs of the resident. Both seminars and clinical training foster physician identity formation.

The second year is primarily an inpatient year, with three months of inpatient psychiatry at NNAMHS, three months on the NNAMHS psychiatric emergency service, three months of child and adolescent outpatient/residential psychiatry at Mojave/Willow Springs, and three months on consultation/liaison psychiatry at Renown Regional Medical Center. Seminars and conferences relevant to these areas of psychiatry are a focus. The focus of the second year is to provide a solid biological basis in psychiatry. It also exposes the resident to various sub specialties in psychiatry and begins preparing them to engage in more in-depth psychotherapy.

The third year is primarily an outpatient year. All residents spend half-time for the entire year at two of the following outpatient clinics: the private outpatient clinics of Renown Behavioral Health Center; the Reno Veterans’ Administration outpatient clinics; the Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services outpatient clinics; the University of Nevada, Reno Psychiatry and Behavioral Health clinics. Residents gain training in outpatient individual and group psychotherapy. Wednesday afternoon seminars and case conferences address outpatient issues. The focus of the third year is to provide training in various psycho therapeutic approaches and outpatient management of mental disorders. Third year residents who plan to enter Child and Adolescent training may also use this year to focus on geriatric experiences usually reserved for the fourth year.

The fourth year is comprised mainly of uniquely structured elective rotations integrated around two variable length required rotations; Geriatric psychiatry in the outpatient clinics at the Reno VAMC and Renown Partial Hospital Program.

The competencies for rotations are found in Appendix A.