PGY 2: Goals and Objectives

Student Handbook, Appendix A

Upon completion of PGY-2 and before progressing to PGY-3, residents must have accomplished the following:

  1. Successfully completed:
    1. Three-month inpatient psychiatry rotation,
    2. Three-month consult/liaison psychiatry rotation,
    3. Three-month child and adolescent psychiatry rotation, and
    4. Three-month psychiatric emergency services rotation.
  2. Demonstrate clinical competence in:
    1. Assessment and diagnosis of major psychiatric disorders for which inpatient hospitalization is required, and
    2. Treatment of the above major psychiatric disorder including the appropriate use of: Individual supportive psychotherapy, Pharmacotherapeutic approaches, and ECT.
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge regarding:
    1. Major psychiatric disorders, and
    2. Treatment of the major psychiatric disorders.
  4. Demonstrate professional interpersonal skills competency with:
    1. Patients and family,
    2. Support staff and treatment team,
    3. Fellow professionals: Fellow residents, Residents of other specialties, Referring physicians, and Faculty.

Tools for assessing these competency areas are detailed in the “Competency Assessment” section of this manual.

Any exceptions to the requirements above must be approved by the Residency Education Committee.