PGY 4: Eating Disorders Clinic

Student Handbook, Appendix A

PGY-4 Twelve Month Rotation At Eating Disorders Clinic

This is a ¼ time yearlong elective at Hope of the Sierras, a residential treatment program for patients with eating disorders.

The resident will spend two ½ day per week at the facility supervised by the Medical Director, a board certified psychiatrist.

The resident will participate in new evaluations, both psychiatric and medical. The resident will participate in or lead groups using a variety of techniques including DBT, Cognitive Therapy,

Family Therapy, and Intuitive/Mindful Eating as well a principles of Self-Psychology.

The resident will also provide individual therapy for co-occurring disorders under the supervision of the Medical Director.

By the end of the rotation, the resident should be able to:

Patient Care:

  1. Demonstrate how to appropriately evaluate patients for eating disorders by satisfactorily completing three evaluations.
  2. Recognize signs and symptoms of medical illnesses caused by eating disorders via physical examination and laboratory testing.
  3. Apply the criteria for various levels of care for eating disorders.
  4. Develop comprehensive treatment plans for eating disorders in the residential care setting.

Medical Knowledge:

  1. Know the criteria for the diagnosis of eating disorders
  2. Know the medical consequences of eating disorders
  3. Understanding of the principles of mindful eating
  4. Know the principles of DBT as they apply to eating disorders

Practice Based Learning:

  1. Improve knowledge deficits by use of evidence based literature and independent readings
  2. Seek feedback as to performance during the rotation

Interpersonal Communication:

  1. Demonstrate effective communicate skills with patients who have eating disorders
  2. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with other treatment providers concerning aspects of patient care.


  1. Fulfill are on-call responsibilities adequately.
  2. Be available to staff to answer questions concerning patient care.

System Based Practice:

  1. Be familiar with community resources available for the treatment of eating disorders
  2. Understand the reimbursement for treating patients with eating disorders in various settings.