PGY 4: Goals and Objectives

Student Handbook, Appendix A

Upon completion of PGY-4 and graduating from the program, residents must have completed all PGY-1 through 3 end-of-year goals and objectives and have accomplished the following:

  1. Successfully completed:
    1. Three-month partial hospitalization program and advanced consultation/liaison rotation,
    2. Three-month half-time geriatric psychiatry.
    3. Six-month electives.
  2. Demonstrated clinical competency in:
    1. Assessment and diagnosis of psychiatric disorders frequently seen in a general medical hospital, and
    2. Treatment and referral of the above disorders.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge regarding:
    1. Medical disorders presenting with psychiatric symptoms,
    2. Psychiatric disorders presenting as medical disorders, and
    3. Two special individualized training, learning, and/or research projects.
  4. Demonstrated professional and interpersonal skills competency with:
    1. Patients and faculty,
    2. Medical support staff and treatment teams, and
    3. Referring physicians.
  5. Demonstrate teaching skills with:
    1. MS3 clerks, and
    2. PGY-2 residents.
  6. Demonstrate administrative skills regarding:
    1. Medical necessity and treatment coverage, and
    2. Contracts, fee schedules, billing systems, and record keeping related to state and federal requirements.


Competency in these areas will be assessed using Rotation Evaluations, the Training Skills Checklist, and Case Conferences, as appropriate.