PGY 4: Renown Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program and C/L

Student Handbook, Appendix A

PGY-4 Twelve Month Rotation at Renown Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program and C/L

Competencies to be achieved by the end of the rotation:

Patient Care

  1. Demonstrate the ability to appropriately evaluate patients need for Partial Hospital level of care in light of other treatment alternatives.
  2. Integrate information from other sources into multi-axial diagnosis
  3. Show ability to integrate other levels of care into ongoing treatment plans for patients upon discharge

Medical Knowledge

  1. Show ability to assess knowledge of PGY-2 residents and MS III Clerks
  2. Know how to adequately work up a patient with multiple medical and psychiatric problems by accurately evaluating PGY-2 evaluations and work-ups.

Practice Based Learning and Improvement

  1. Demonstrate the ability to learn independently by identifying one knowledge deficit and appropriately collecting new information in that area.
  2. Show ability to analyze own documentation for clinical relevance with physician reviewers
  3. Demonstrate the ability to appropriately collect new information in knowledge deficit area.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to apply to knowledge to patient care issues.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  1. Demonstrate the ability to work with ancillary staff by active participation in PHP staffing
  2. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively with physician reviewers in PHP cases


  1. Show respectful and professional behavior by being on time to team meetings and rounds.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate diligence to paper work by completing all notes, evaluations and communications with referring physicians in a timely manner

System-based Practice

  1. Know how to refer to other agencies within the system as demonstrated by appropriate referral of patients out of the Partial Hospital program.
  2. Demonstrate working knowledge of medical record storage and transmittal of information by complying with HIPAA regulations at all times when working with PHP and C/L patients.