Semi-Annual Review Meetings

Student Handbook, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences: Reno

A formally scheduled semi-annual meeting with the Program Director to review progress through the training program is a condition of the program's accreditation. Residents will be notified regarding this meeting schedule.

The Program Director and the resident will review the resident's patient log to assess whether or not the resident is seeing an adequate variety of patients by age, sex, diagnosis and treatment modality. Concerns about the resident's caseload will be communicated to the Residency Education Committee for corrective action. The Program Director will especially monitor the number of cases in long-term treatment (more than 12 months). The Program Director will also examine progress on Training Skills checklists.

Rotation evaluations as well as PRITE scores and ACOE results will be reviewed with the resident. If negative trends are noted, an effort will be made to provide corrective experiences for the resident.

The personal well being of the resident will be discussed, particularly if a problem impacts on the resident's training. When needed, referrals will be suggested to deal with personal problems.

The Program Director will also pay special attention to ethnic and cultural issues to guarantee adequate exposure during training. A written record of progress review meetings will be kept in the resident's file.