Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

The Psychiatry Residency Program at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) exists to create knowledgeable and skilled psychiatrists who:

  • have a solid foundation / clinical, educational, administrative and scholarly aspects of practice;
  • are compassionate and altruistic;
  • are ethical and professional;
  • are resilient, motivated and self-aware;
  • prioritize collaboration and advocacy;
  • value diversity and inclusion;
  • are interested in working with a range of populations, including the underserved;
  • are skilled at independent, self-initiated, creative analytic thinking and problem solving; and
  • can use technology and other resources to effectively support and enhance psychiatric practice.

The training program is conceptualized as a part of an educational process, which includes undergraduate activities, medical school and life experiences. Psychiatry builds and expands upon those experiences. The program has been designed to offer training composed of a well-balanced mix of clinical experiences, formal didactics, independent learning activities and theoretical orientations. The emphasis is upon the acquisition of diagnostic, therapeutic, and consultation knowledge and skills which can be applied across the developmental spectrum, based on information from neurosciences, clinical practice consensus, relevant research in medicine and other relevant fields, concepts of cognition and biological growth, learning theory, psychoanalytic theory, family systems, community systems, prevention/ early intervention approaches, ethics, professionalism, and technology. Upon the completion of the program, residents will be competent psychiatric practitioners with superb knowledge and skills in clinical care, teaching, scholarship, and administration.


The UNR Psychiatry Residency Program aims to be the program of choice for residents and faculty interested in practicing as balanced, proficient, compassionate psychiatrists who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work successfully across the spectrum of psychiatric practice with all populations in a range of systems and settings.


The UNR Psychiatry Residency Program prioritizes educational, clinical and scholarship activities in multidisciplinary community settings that involve collaboration with a range of professionals and individuals. Program activities emphasize advocacy, prevention, early intervention, culturally sensitive approaches, and the effective identification and treatment of psychiatric and psychological disorders and difficulties in diverse populations, particularly the underserved. Faculty and residents are expected to be inspired, independent, creative, analytic, resilient leaders who can effectively utilize a spectrum of resources, including technology and long-distance methods to learn, teach and provide care.