The AuCoin & Kozel Laboratories is located in the Center for Molecular Medicine on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. Constructed in 2010, the Center for Molecular Medicine is a state-of-art facility for medical research.

The AuCoin & Kozel Laboratories occupies approximately 2,850 sq. ft. of bench laboratory space that includes 1,300 sq. ft. of general laboratory space and 1,550 sq. ft. of specialty laboratory space. Specialty laboratories include i) a hybridoma production laboratory, ii) a tissue culture laboratory dedicated to large-scale production of engineered antibodies, iii) a serology laboratory for analysis of human and non-human primate samples under BSL-2 conditions, iv) a BSL-2 laboratory dedicated to growth of bacteria and fungi, and v) an immunochemistry laboratory equipped for fabrication of lateral flow strips and analysis of antibody binding via surface plasmon resonance.

Facilities in the Center for Molecular Medicine include a state-of-art vivarium. The vivarium is well equipped for immunization of mice for monoclonal antibody production. The vivarium includes a suite for the production and evaluation of transgenic mice.