Our laboratory is equipped with a Biacore X100 Plus system. The Biacore X100 monitors molecular interactions in real time using label-free detection based on the phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance (SPR). One of the interacting molecules (an antigen or an antibody) is immobilized on the surface of a sensor chip, while the other is injected in solution and flows over the sensor surface.

As molecules from the solution-phase sample bind to the immobilized molecules, this results in an alteration in refractive index at the sensor surface that is proportional to the change in mass. These changes are detected in real time and data is presented in a sensorgram (SPR response plotted against time).

All antibodies produced by the laboratory are evaluated by SPR to assess binding characteristics. The results of this analysis are used to advance candidate antibodies to product development, e.g., lateral flow immunochromatographic assay.