The Administrative Core (Core A)

This core has a central role in the COBRE. It handles all administrative aspects of the center and implements the faculty development/ mentoring plan. In addition to budgets and accounts, it coordinates travel, seminars, program evaluation, site visits, progress reports, the website, and oversees the support of smaller core facilities at the School of Medicine. Dr. Christopher von Bartheld, the Program Director of the COBRE, directs Core A with the help of the Co-Director Dr. Grant Mastick and the Administrative Assistant Erinn Thomas. Core A is located in the Department of Physiology & Cell Biology at the School of Medicine, Manville Building Rooms 3, 3A and 3B. For program evaluation, we currently consult with Dr. Ramona Houmanfar, Associate Professor in Psychology, and her student Amber Candido. Contact for Core A: Christopher von Bartheld, Phone: (775) 784-6022 (8-12 AM).

COBRE Core A - supported Scientific Cores at the School of Medicine

Transmission Electron Microscopy

This core serves the needs of COBRE projects and other cell biology projects in ultrastructural morphology. The core is located in an electron microscopy suite (Manville 14 A, B) with sectioning facility (Leica Ultracut), and a transmission electron microscope (Phillips CM10) with a digital scanner (BioScan 792 from GATAN), image analysis computer and software (Digital Micrograph 2.1.0). This facility is supported by the COBRE as well as Nevada’s IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE, The core is staffed by Andrea Agarwal, Staff Research Associate. Contact:, Phone: (775) 784-4635.

Cell Metabolism Analysis

This core facility assists with the measurement and analysis of energy-producing pathways. Equipment: XFe24 Seahorse Bioscience Extracellular Flux Analyzers - for measuring cell metabolism by simultaneously measuring oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis in cells and in tissue samples. Location: Manville 18. Contact: Dr. Ruben K. Dagda, Assistant Professor in the Dept. Pharmacology,

Confocal Imaging

The confocal core houses a laser scanning confocal microscope (FV1000 Olympus). The facility provides training and scoping time on this confocal microscope. Location: This facility is located in Howard Building, Room 144. Contact: Dr. Maria Valencik, imaging specialist and Associate Professor in the Dept. of Biochemistry:

Nevada Transgenic Center

This is a gene targeting center that provides a complete ES cell culture and targeting service, a microinjection center, for both fertilized eggs and blastocyst injections, and an animal service that provides animals and embryos for the center, performs embryo transfers, and has responsibility for managing transgenic founders and colonies. Additional services include genotyping, karyotyping, breeding mice and cryopreservation services, assay ES cell clones, target construction. Location: The Transgenic Center is located in the Manville and Nellor Buildings. For contact information and further details visit the Center’s website:

COBRE-supported Scientific Cores in the Department of Biology

COBRE / INBRE Confocal Imaging Core (Core B)

The Imaging Core features two confocal microscopes: an Olympus FV1000, and a Leica SP8. Training in microscopy is provided. The Core also houses additional department microscopes. Location: FA 324, 321. Contact: Hannah Jordan,

Tissue Culture Core (Core C)

This facility provides a common use area for tissue culture, including two rooms with tissue culture hoods and incubators. The Core also features an outer prep lab for preparing reagents and samples, with a fluorescence plate reader. Additional services include cryostorage of cell lines, and the development of monoclonal antibodies. Location: FA 314. Contact: Dr. Minkyung Kim, Research Scientist, Department of Biology,